Descrizione Progetto


Purpose. In a context characterized by the worst economic and financial environment of recent decades, the study aims to analyze the evolution of organizational models, technology innovation, internationalization strategies and marketing practices of a manufacturing company that, through an effective evolutionary dynamics, has managed to be competitive over time. The aim is therefore in the detection of the critical success factors of a manufacturing company located in a small country in the province of Frosinone.

Methodology. After analyzing the main literature on the companies evolutionary dynamics, the research approach is based on the analysis of a single case study related to a manufacturing company that, despite being the subject of several generational changes, pursued competitive strategies which favored the creation of value.

Results. The analysis shows how the family business represents the “main driver” of the Italian economy. Intuition, tradition, innovation, service, strong sharing culture and values are the basis of “doing business” of Gemar, which is the European leader in the sector.

Limitations of the research. The work is limited to the study of a single case. However, in order to make an overall assessment of the operational implications of the research, it would be appropriate to extend the scope of analysis to companies operating in different sectors.

Practical implications. A case study provides fruitful insights and operational ideas to entrepreneurs who intend to face similar challenges.

Originality of the work. The originality of the work lies in proposing the event of an excellent company which, though small in size, spreads the “Balloon Italian” in the five continents with history and cultural as well as professional heritage, which the Rocca’s intend to preserve and spread in the name of Italian style and innovation.

Keywords: Evolutionary dynamics, innovation, brand, sustainability, internationalization, territory.