Descrizione Progetto


Innovative services offered by a medium-sized bank, deeply rooted in the territory, generate benefits for the local start-ups and consequently for the local context. The present work aims to verify such research hypothesis, focusing on the analysis of economic-financial implications as well as social ones generated by start-ups projects whose initiatives have been considered deserving of funding and then admitted to micro-credit disbursement by Banca Popolare del Cassinate (BPC).

The methodology implemented has a dual nature. The work firstly detects literature contributes about innovative services for business growth such allocation of financial resources for company survival. Secondly, the empirical part of the paper explores the results produces by the project “First Idea”, financially supporting the creation and growth of new businesses that present innovative projects and are supposed to generate worth. Reasonably, the research is based on the qualitative approach, using the multi-method layout for data collection, whose validation is performed through the triangulation method.

As result, the analysis confirms the benefits generated by the BPC initiatives at different levels, and that without innovation there is not economic growth nor local community development.

Keywords: innovative financial services, territory, start-ups, local mutuality network, value creation.