As the survival of our planet and humanity itself are threatened by unsustainable business practice, never before have management scholars been placed in such an important role in society. 

As researchers, educators and thought leaders, business school academics cannot only play a huge role in helping to ‘Transform Business for Good’ but have a moral duty to do so. The youth of today and future generations are relying on business scholars to deliver on this challenge. A rapidly growing and large number of firms want to transform themselves to be good businesses: good as in ethical, good as in for good and hence eco-sustainable and good as in performance, for instance as measured and indicated by the SDGs. They want to transform for good not only because it is the right thing to do and one which is inspirational for both their workers and consumers, but because it is the new frontier of competition. Firms that won’t be able to deliver ethical and eco-sustainable goods and services at affordable prices will simply not survive. 

In order to deliver this mission and sustainable strategic objectives, firms are turning to management thought leaders to guide them on best practice for humane, ecological, sustainable business which enables them to behave to high ethical standards, generate loyal consumers, meet ESG regulatory requirements and ultimately to be competitive in this new business environment. Many businesses want to be activists and actually become ethical leaders who drive this transformation and thereby playing a role in persuading consumers to adopt sustainable buying patterns. 

To achieve all these objectives, businesses need each field of research in the broad portfolio that comprises management to create and disseminate new knowledge to Transform Business for Good. This involves both conceptual and empirical research aimed at enhancing knowledge about and for this objective. Therefore, we warmly welcome scholars to submit research to contribute to the 2023 EURAM Conference focused on this challenge and theme of Transforming Business for Good. 


1. Business for Society

2. Corporate Governance

3. Entrepreneurship

4. Family Business Research

5. Gender, Race and Diversity in Organisations

6. Innovation

7. International Management

9. Organisational Behaviour & Human Resource Management

10. Project Organising

11. Public & Non-Profit Management

12. Research Methods and Research Practice 

13. Strategic Management

14. Conference Theme: Transforming Business for Good