Project Description


Internationalization represents an obligatory path for firms in order to compete and survive in the current competitive environment. However, many enterprises, especially the SMEs, sometimes lack the necessary resources to grow and succeed in international markets. Several authors argue that SMEs constantly need to create, adapt and reconfigure their relationships and network resources to remain competitive in an international environment, that is, they need to develop dynamic capabilities. Theaim of this paper is to analyze the international growth of gradual global SMEs by adopting the dynamic capabilities framework. Through the case study of a firm from South Italy, this paper aims to analyze the role played by dynamic capabilities in the growth and success of a gradual global SME in international markets. The results show that the capabilities to perceive opportunities and threats in the international context, to seize opportunities through adaptation, reactivity and reconfiguration, have been fundamental for the international success of the company analyzed.

Keywords: gradual global, dynamic capabilities, case study, internationalization, SMEs