Project Description


This paper aims to analyze the relationship between marketing innovation and performance of an enterprise, studying in particular the banking sector. So after a brief review of the literature on services marketing and on the issue of business innovation, through the methodology of the single case (Yin, 1994; Dubois & Gadde, 2002), that is appropriate because of the complexity of the phenomenon, the research analyzes how innovation of bank management—interpreted as a tendency to integrate strategies and tools of “marketing” that have long been the preserve of industrial production and, in recent years, of retailers—influences the performance and competitive


In detail, the work provides an analysis of the main KPIs of the bank on the one hand, and innovation indicators of marketing on the other; subsequently it detects any correlation between the two elements and it emphasizes through what strategies a bank has managed to overcome the crisis and to gain a defensible competitive advantage.

Keywords: marketing innovation, management innovation, KPI, banks, service marketing, service management