Project Description


The paper aims to analyze the topic of corporate performance in a context as the present one, characterized by a deep economic and financial crisis affecting the international economy. To this end, the hypothesis of research is focused on determining which are the causes that undermine corporate survival, representing a threat to the balance of the company, leading it to decline or crisis. To this research it has been applied a desk methodology of study, or a research of the literature of reference, based on the theoretical support about the enterprise economic and financial analysis, companies crisis and the managerial behavior aimed at recovery. The study highlights the role of flexibility, as a lever leading the company to create value, allowing it to effectively respond to contingencies and to establish its competitive advantages again. As practical implications, therefore, it is emphasizes the importance and the need for the company to own a strategic control system able to continuously and promptly monitoring, capturing, evaluating and addressing possible threats. The work limits lie in the research approach, or in the absence of a case study that, in support to the literature, can be used to confirm the findings. Therefore, in the future research authors intend to fill this limit as well as to deepen what may be the most appropriate corporate restructuring processes for the company’s reorganization.

Keywords: Decline, crisis, flexibility.